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White paper - Technical committee on sound: product labeling and international standards-implications and benefits of an ARI "labeling" procedure

ARI 310/380-2004 - Standard for packaged terminal air-conditioners and heat pumps (CSA-C744-04)

ARI 370-2001 - Sound Rating of Large Outdoor Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Equipment

ARI 260-2001 - Sound Rating of Ducted Air Moving and Conditioning Equipment

ARI 250-2001 - Performance and Calibration of Reference Sound Sources

ARI 350-2000 - Sound Rating of Non-Ducted Indoor Air-Conditioning Equipment

ARI 300-2000 - Sound Rating and Sound Transmission Loss of Packaged Terminal Equipment

ARI 885-98 - Procedure for Estimating Occupied Space Sound Levels in the Application of Air Terminals and Air Outlets
Addendum to 885-98 - Aprile 2002

ISO 13261-1:1998 - Sound power rating of air-conditioning and air-source heat pump equipment - Part 1: Non-ducted outdoor equipment

ISO 13261-2:1998 - Sound power rating of air-conditioning and air-source heat pump equipment - Part 2: Non-ducted indoor equipment

ARI 275-97 - Application of Sound Rating Levels of Outdoor Unitary Equipment

ARI Guideline L-1997 - Assessing the impact of air-conditioning outdoor sound levels in the residential community

ARI 530-95 - Method of Measuring Sound and Vibration of Refrigerant Compressors

ARI 280-95 - Requirements for the Qualification of Reverberant Rooms in the 63Hz Octave Band

ARI 270-95 - Sound Rating of Outdoor Unitary Equipment

ARI 890-94 - Rating of Air Diffusers and Air Diffuser Assembly

ARI 575-94 - Method of Measuring Machinery Sound Within an Equipment Space

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Normative refrigerazione domestica
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